Video of fight at Jackson County diner creating social media firestorm

Video of fight at Jackson County diner creating social media firestorm
(Photo Source: WLOX News)

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Disturbing video of a fight at one Jackson County diner is making its rounds on social media.

The video is shaky. It's shot on a cell phone from the drivers seat of a car. It shows a physical altercation between 18 year old Spenser Salas and Blair's Diner owner Lawrence Corley. "I have pressed charges for assault, and he has pressed charges against me for trespassing and disturbing a business," Salas said.

Monday morning WLOX News Now caught up with Salas turning himself in to Gautier Police. "The captain said I had a warrant for trespassing, go head and come turn yourself in and that's what I'm here to do," Salas said.

The incident happened Saturday night after Salas found out two of his friends were fired from Blair's Diner. " I say hey guys what going on, and they were like well we just got fired and he wont give us our tips for the night," he said.

So Salas says, he went in the diner to talk to the owner. "Hey dude how you doing, why aren't you gonna pay your employees?" Salas said.

This is where the story gets muddy. According to Salas, he didn't do anything to warrant Corley's aggressions. "By the time I walked in and asked my first question, he was already jumping up and shoving me out the door," Salas said.

But, in a statement from the restaurant, Corley and his wife beg to differ - they say the video doesn't show the whole story. The statement said in part "Salas entered the the dining area where there were customers present demanding to know what had just happened. The owner of the diner told him he would not discuss that with him and to leave the premises. He refused to leave."

The Corley's claim that as Mr. Corley was escorting Salas out,  Salas lunged at him. And that's where the video picks up.

Gautier Police are investigating the incident.

The Corley's say that because Salas and the two former employees are fairly young they didn't initially press charges, but changed their minds after being legally advised to following the firestorm created on social media.

Arrangements were worked out to pay the former employees.

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