East Biloxi Neighbors Welcome Improvements

Folks who live and work in East Biloxi near Bayou Auguste Homes are excited about the positive changes coming to their neighborhood.

As we reported earlier, the Biloxi Housing Authority has begun tearing down the old public housing apartments to make room for 200 new homes and duplexes. The housing project is part of a $110 million investment that will include new streets, a new elementary school and a community center.

Workers spent part of the day Friday installing security fences around Bayou Auguste Homes. The dilapidated buildings will soon be torn down to make way for modern homes.

Ethel Jacob once lived in Bayou Auguste and now teaches at the Head Start Center across the street.

"I think that it will be a nice change to see homes going up where they can buy and there also will be some to my understanding that can be rented also. So, I think this is a great accomplishment," she said.

Next school year will be the final one for the aging Nichols Junior High. A new elementary school will be built on the site. The school principal says future generations will certainly benefit from all the neighborhood improvements.

"It'll definitely bring a positive image to this neighborhood, and that's definitely what this neighborhood needs, a positive image. And we're looking at that. And I like to see that happen," Principal Glenn Dedeaux said.

Neighbors say they look forward to the positive changes this project will bring. For example, a trash filled bayou will soon be cleaned up and become a focal point for the new housing development.

"I've seen a lot of changes," Edith Robinson said.

She lives on Roy Street across from Bayou Auguste Homes and once lived in the public housing project. Robinson says the planned improvements should bring a big boost to this whole area of East Biloxi.

"They should have been torn out and re built. It's way overdue."

Construction on her new neighbor's homes will get underway late this year and be finished by early 2004