Hancock County woman spreads holiday cheer, writes 1,000 Christmas cards

Hancock County woman spreads holiday cheer, writes 1,000 Christmas cards

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - For 12 years, Madeline Miller has been giving Christmas cards to anyone she meets in Hancock County.

Last year she gave 1,000 cards away, but this year she says she wants to go beyond that by giving 1,001.

"It's not really about the amount of cards, it's about the quality. That's not even what I spend on the cards, it's what you put out to other people," said Miller.

It's an ambitious goal, but she doesn't want any fame or glory from it. She just wants others to pay it forward.

"Last year, a woman came up to me and said she read the article and went out and bought a box of cards. She said she gave them out to the cashier who double bags her groceries and the teller who gives her crisp money when she want to give it to her grand kids," said Miller.

Miller says she'll never forget the time she realized that her cards actually make an impact on a young woman's life.

"I said, I hope this holiday is good for you. She actually stopped and said, 'My mom died about a year ago at this time and I was missing her, and my family is not here'. She said, 'Thank you so much for this card I needed it, so I reached in for a hug. That's what you do sometimes."

Some people spend their entire lives searching for their purpose. Miller says she doesn't have to look anymore.

She believes she's found her life's calling with this simple random act of kindness.

"I'm never gonna discover the cure for cancer because I don't have a medical background. Maybe I won't do something that's grand and majorly important, but I'm doing my thing. This is my light and I'm gonna do this for as long as God lets me," said Miller.

As she puts pen to paper to finish yet another stack of cards, Madeline Miller hopes that someone else is starting a stack of their own.

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