New details involving truck chase through Biloxi

New details involving truck chase through Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The man who reportedly led police on a wild ride through two cities is out of the hospital and in jail. Biloxi police say 26-year-old Michael Mateo left a hospital late Tuesday morning. Police transported the felony eluding suspect right to the Harrison County jail. His bond on the eluding charge was set at $25,000

What started as a shoplifting allegation quickly became a chase through Biloxi and Gulfport. The vehicle being chased was an 18-wheeler. The Saturday afternoon incident ended with at least one gunshot fired into the cab of the suspect's truck.

Biloxi police arrested 26-year-old Michael Mateo. The South Carolina man was accused of misdemeanor shoplifting and felony eluding charges.

So what happened? Biloxi police said they received a 911 call just after 1:45 p.m. about an alleged shoplifter walking out of the Walmart. Officers arrived and approached the suspect, reportedly telling him to stop. Instead, they said Mateo jumped into his truck and drove off, darting onto Highway 90.

The chase headed toward Gulfport before the large truck turned around and drove back to Biloxi. A Biloxi Police Department news release said the truck driver never exceeded 50 miles per hour. However, it noted he crossed the median, drove into traffic, and crossed sidewalks.

This is when the chase took an unusual turn. The news release says the pursuit reached Highway 90 and White Avenue. At that point, Mateo reportedly tried to make a u-turn, using the median again to avoid officers. The truck got stuck in the sand. Officers attempted to surround the semi.  Mateo refused to exit the truck. He placed the truck in reverse and started backing up toward officers. The 18-wheeler struck a Biloxi Police car. At that moment, Biloxi police confirm an officer fired shots into the cab of the truck. No one was struck by any of the rounds.

Police entered the truck through the broken window, arrested the suspect, and pulled him out through shattered glass.

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