South Mississippi family donates dolls in memory of 7-year-old daughter

South Mississippi family donates dolls in memory of 7-year-old daughter

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Christmas came a little early for some girls in South Mississippi on Friday.

It was all thanks to a Coast family wanting to keep the memory of one of their own alive while bringing a smile to a little girl.

Dozens of little girls on the coast received the royal surprise. Deborah Albert along with family members spent the afternoon giving away Disney princess dolls they purchased for little girls.

"Parents love to see their kids happy. And if a kid can just be happy for just a little bit and forget about all the problems, it's all worth it," said Deborah Albert.

Albert came up with the doll giveaway after her 7-year-old daughter Amy passed away in June of 1980. Now every year on Amy's birthday, they give away dolls along with letters to tell recipients the reason for the special gift.

"She would have been 45-years-old today. So we're celebrating her birthday by giving dolls away to little girls because when she was alive that's what we did on her birthday. We gave her a baby doll," said Albert.

One by one, the girls received gifts they may never forget. For the children the generosity goes a long way.

While Christmas is more about giving than receiving, it's the smiles and gratitude the little princesses gave off that are the best gifts for Albert and her family.  "They get big wide eyes and they smile and they are happy," Albert said.

Albert's daughter may have passed away, but she's never forgotten. This is Albert's unique way of keeping her spirit alive.

"Thank you," said one girl.

"Merry Christmas," said another girl.

"Merry Christmas. Happy birthday Amy," said Albert.

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