D'Iberville woman warns residents of local package theft

A D'Iberville woman shares her concerns after become a target in a string of package thefts.

Cameras and security systems did not stop a burglar from taking a package from the front steps of Kim Shaw's home in broad daylight.

"Shocked, stunned, I thought there was a mistake. I thought maybe the mail person delivered to the wrong place and then they came and picked it up," said Shaw.

She took to Facebook on Wednesday to spread awareness of the costly and criminal holiday trend.

Now, Shaw is working with police, hoping that clear video evidence will help land the crook behind bars.

"You don't think of these things during the holidays. You just think of all the nice things. Getting packages, and you're busy too," she said.

So are the Christmas crooks. Package thefts, along with car break-ins and home burglaries tend to spike at this time of year.

"The criminal is looking for the easy way," said Maj. Chris DeBack with Biloxi police. "So by an ounce of prevention on our own part, its going to make it harder for that criminal."

DeBack said simple things like keeping the doors to your car and home locked can keep a thief away. Keep valuable items out of sight. Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home.

He said the best defense is a security system.

"So even if its not the house that was broken into, but maybe a neighbors, we've been able to identify neighbors or even people from that surveillance video," he said.

Shaw has a final warning for holiday thieves.

"You are definitely going to get caught. Because there are cameras everywhere, and you don't think that there are people watching you, but everything is recorded," said Shaw.

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