Saucier Elementary School hero selected as Saints junior captain

Saucier Elementary School hero selected as Saints junior captain

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - When the Saints play the Jets on Sunday, a ten-year-old hero from South Mississippi will be in the Superdome cheering them on.

Blake Carroll got a big surprise at his school, Saucier Elementary.

Hancock Whitney Bank held  a drawing for a Harrison County student to be a junior captain at a Saints game and Carroll was selected.

Blake isn't just going to his first NFL game.

"I'll be like on the field right next to one of the most famous quarterbacks," Blake Carroll said.

As a junior captain, Blake will stand next to his favorite player, Drew Brees, during the coin toss. If he talks to Brees, Blake will share what they have in common.

"His birthday is four days after mine," Blake said.

Drew Brees is seen as a hero when he leads the Saints to victory, but Blake could also be called a hero after finding and saving a missing two-year old child near his rural Harrison County home in October.

Blake's dad feels a sense of pride every time he thinks of that day.

"I'm just glad he was paying attention looking for everything, you know," said Russell Carroll.

After helping save a young child's life, Blake has made a commitment to continue doing good.

"When I think about it I think that I need to live up to my positive label," Blake said.

Watching the Saints play will be a lifelong memory not just for Blake, but for his family.

"It will be time for his brother and him to spend together with his great grandpa," said Russell Carroll.

Even though Blake plays youth football for a team called the Jets, he'll be cheering for the Saints and he might get a glimpse of himself in the future.

"I'm either going to become a marine or an NFL football player," Blake said.

A junior captain is selected for every Saints home game from schools around the region. 
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