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Most Coast Casinos Looking For Workers

Marion Chrysler once repaired airplanes. Now, she's learning craps at the Crescent School of Gaming.

When this lesson is over, the former mechanic graduates from gamng school goes directly to the Hard Rock. The casino hired her to work in its poker room two days ago.

"It's like a real good paying job to have," she said.

These days, there are plenty of casino jobs around south Mississippi that need to be filled. Just ask the man who finds jobs for gaming school graduates.

"I actually regret not having enrolled more students three months ago, getting a bigger crowd in here," he said, "so we would have more people to place now when the Hard Rock is opening."

The Hard Rock is opening. The Isle of Capri is expanding. The Silver Slipper is moving. All three are hiring, or will hire new dealers. And so are the resorts that lose employee to those properties.

"We're actually almost out of dealers completely to send to other casinos," Larkin said.

Rick Levine gambled on a Mississippi casino job in 1992 and won. Levine is now a dealer school instructor.

"We teach all the fundamentals," he said.

Levine is taking a break from day-to-day casino dealing action. But, that doesn't mean he's down on the industry. Actually, he said, it's an "awesome time to be in the industry."

Marion Chrysler has already learned that lesson.

"I have a lot of fun doing it," the dealer-in-training said. "Where else can you go and sit down and play poker for six hours and make good pay."

For the students in the Gulfport training room, the answer better be a south Mississippi casino.

by Brad Kessie

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