Snowfall causes major power outages in Hattiesburg

Snowfall causes major power outages in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WLOX) - More than 50 power outages were reported after yesterday's snow fall in Hattiesburg.

Crews stopped working after 10PM last night so many spent the night without heat in middle of below freezing temperatures.

By morning, crews were back out to restore power while residents dealt with any weather related damage that happened over night.

"Unfortunately, we lost a very large wax myrtle that was in front of our house, so we're disappointed about that. We did not lose power, but the tree fell on the front porch."

Sarah Atkinson's house didn't suffer any permanent damage from the crash. Neighbors lent a hand with cutting the massive tree, now reduced to a pile of branches and leaves.

"I think it's really disappointing any time you lose a tree, especially if you get attached to it. I just love the way it looked in front of our house and looking out the kitchen."

Her favorite tree may be gone, but Atkinson says the surprise snow fall will always be a thrilling and unforgettable memory.

"It was shocking to wake up and hear our kids bounding down the stairs, and know and to look outside and see the snow falling. It continued to fall all day long and that's not something we'd ever expect to see in South Mississippi," she said.

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