Woman says copper vases missing from cemetery in Long Beach

Woman says copper vases missing from cemetery in Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Copper vases at one cemetery in Long Beach have gone missing. Candy Dubuisson said she was visiting her niece's grave when she noticed the flowers weren't in the vase. And her's wasn't the only grave disturbed.

Now she's hoping whoever did the shameful act will rethink their decision and return the vases.

Amy Michelle Walters has been buried at Gulf Pine Cemetery for 38 years. She died at the age of seven after being hit by a car. Several times a year her family members make sure they visit her grave-site.

"It's the lowest of the lowest. You can't get any lower than stealing from the dead," said Dubuisson. "It's hard for us to know as a family that a 7-year-old girl was buried in that grave. She was taken from us. But to know now you took her vase. It just makes it worse."

She suspects thieves took the copper vase to sell. She also discovered other family members buried next to Walters were also missing vases.

"We've never had an issue ever. But they took the flowers out of the vase and stuck them in the hole that the vase came in," she added.

Visiting the grave-site is a special time for Dubuisson.

"Pray. Pray, not so much for her, but for us because it's hard for us. And I pray for my sister because that was her oldest and only daughter and she lost her at a very early age," she explained.

Putting flowers and decorating her grave is something Dubuisson said she and her family enjoy doing for her niece.

"It's something that we can still do for her. I can't buy her clothes for Christmas. There's things I can't do for her. If I can do that it's the least I can do," Dubuisson said.

Dubuisson is hoping whoever took the vases will return them. She said she's reached out to Long Beach police asking them to increase patrols at the cemetery.

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