Residents stirred after home invasion

Residents stirred after home invasion


Residents of Artes Street are shaken following a home invasion on Tuesday night.

Many residents say the area around Artes Street is a good one. 

The neighborhood is lined with single-family homes on one side and town homes on the other.

Mario Goodman has been living here for about a year.

“I see the neighbors.” He said. “They come out, they speak, they go to work, they send their kids to school. I mean, it’s unfortunate that happened. You know, because you don't usually see something like that.”

He said what happened Tuesday night was shocking.

"That’s kind of frightening because you don't want nobody kick the doors in and come on your family, you know, or hurt your family."

Almaudia Thorn lives right across the street.

“It’s scary,” she said. “The way it happened was kind of tragic because the door was kicked in and someone was actually gunned down. So, you never know when that can happen to any one of these houses on this corner.”

Thorn believes families in the area should be more conscious about their own safety. 

“We’re thinking about moving, actually,” she said. “Between now and the time we move, we’re being more aware, more cautious, and actually being sure the doors are locked. We're thinking about installing a security system.”

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