Capital Murder Case Against Babysitter Headed To A Grand Jury

Family members of a murdered two-month-old baby went to court Monday, thinking they would hear gruesome details of little Tristan Chinn's death. But the babysitter accused of shaking and killing the infant waived the preliminary hearing. So the capital murder case against 29-year-old Amy Wilkerson now goes to a grand jury.

Wilkerson's attorneys wouldn't explain the abrupt move. Case investigator Ken McClennic says the media attention prompted the change.

"One of them even made the comment that they didn't want to make a media circus out of it. I think they didn't want to gruesome details of what their client did to be released at this point. It was a smart move for them," Ken McClennic with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department said.

The move didn't bother Tristan Michael Chinn's family.

"We know it not going to change anything," Tristan's Grandfather Carl Conrad said.

The fact is, Conrad knows nothing's going to bring back his first grandson.

"Little baby Tristan's room is still like it was. They can't bear to do anything to it yet. It's a constant reminder of their loss and the family's loss. There's a great void is this family without little Tristan here."

Conrad says the family made a tragic mistake when they allowed Wilkerson to babysit the infant.

"Actually, my daughter and son-in-law had met her through some friends at a wedding. She was recommended to them through other friends and I guess led to believe they could trust her."

Now they want justice to be swift.

"Mainly what the family wants is justice for Tristan, because he didn't deserve what happened to him."

The autopsy shows Tristan died on July 20th from massive brain hemorrhaging.

Wilkerson is being held at the Jackson County Adult Detention Center without bond.