Page 13: Big plans for Point Cadet

Page 13: Big plans for Point Cadet

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Point Cadet has always been considered one of the most valuable and scenic pieces of property along the entire Mississippi Coast.

Now, Biloxi is putting together an aggressive economic development package for its east end. The city is unveiling a plan to bring everything from an oyster aquaculture operation to a seafood marketplace to Point Cadet.

The Commission on Marine Resources has already signed off on the proposal. Biloxi thinks the concept would enhance tourism, create jobs, provide public access and generate revenue.

"We would like to see it used for a combination of tourism and oyster industry revival. A seafood marketplace, a festival marketplace, would be wonderful; but the public has a right to enjoy it and fully benefit from it plus we can produce jobs and economic development as a result," said Gerald Blessey with the city of Biloxi

The land is owned by the city of Biloxi, the Institutions of Higher Learning. The concept would tie into Biloxi's plans to build a boardwalk around point cadet and along Back Bay.

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