Crime Stoppers taps into social media to solve crimes

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers believes social media can help police bring closure to unresolved crimes.

The group has launched a new campaign to team up with law enforcement agencies around South Mississippi to enlist the help of the public to solve dead-end crimes.

"We've been fortunate to have great success on our Facebook page with general crime. It's good when agencies need information or a video. This is the first time we're doing cold case ads on Facebook," said Lore Massey from Crime Stoppers.

Sometimes, one simple detail can make a difference.

"Investigators have worked very hard on these cases, but they're just at a stalemate and they need more information to push it over the edge and get some arrests," Massey said.

In November, five women were arrested in a shoplifting incident at Victoria's Secret after people on social media recognized the suspects seen in surveillance video.

"Those women were from Jackson. They were from three hours away, and people shared it," Massey noted.

Crime Stoppers also has an app where people can leave anonymous tips. Rewards are offered in some cases.

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