Jackson Co. woman sets out to photograph each MS courthouse

Jackson Co. woman sets out to photograph each MS courthouse
(Photo Source: WLOX News Now)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - One Jackson county woman is traveling Mississippi to visit every courthouse in the state.

"Mississippi has 92 courthouses," said Kathy Wilkinson. "I thought it would be an interesting project to photograph all the courthouses."

Every few weeks, the Jackson County paralegal hops on her motorcycle, grabs her camera and drives across the Magnolia State to snap photos with a bit of a personal twist.

"My motorcycle is in all of the pictures," Wilkinson said.

She posts the photos on her Facebook page, Mississippi Courthouse Motorcycle Tour, which is is public and easy to view.

Wilkinson says she is almost done with the journey.

"I have 9 left of the 92 and they're all in the Jackson area," she noted. "I started on February 15, 2015."

She even has a couple of locations that she'd like to revisit, including the Jackson County Courthouse.

"When I first took the picture of Jackson County Courthouse, they were doing some renovations. There were blue tarps all over and dumpsters and stuff. It wasn't a great picture, so I thought I'd take another one," Wilkinson said.

On Sunday, she snapped a new picture of the courthouse and added it to the rest of her collection.

"It's been a really cool experience because I've met a lot of cool people doing this. I also learned a lot about state history," said Wilkinson.

Completing her tour is an accomplishment she is looking forward to achieving.

Wilkinson says her last trip to photograph the remaining courthouses will be in mid-December.

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