Two Local Women One Step Closer To Fortune

The word 'excitement' is an understatement when it comes to how many of you responded when your names were called to compete in the Wheel of Fortune tryouts back in June.

And because of your, should we call it 'uplifting' actions, many of you made it past these auditions and have advanced to the final round - including Joy Young and Shanna Pegues, who both have been fans for many years.

"Believe it or not, I know it's a game show. But my mother felt that because it made you think and made you solve things that I've had to watch it, my goodness, we'll say twenty-plus years," said Young.

The ladies recently returned from the second round of auditions in New Orleans, and they say the competition was fierce.

"It was like 16 puzzles. It was like playing hangman in 5 minutes. With very little information. With almost nothing and then they said OK we're going let you take a break now. That was supposed to be like 15 minutes and it was 30," said Pegues.

Those 30 minutes were used to narrow down the pool.

Fortunately, Shanna and Joy made the cut, and that's when the competition began to get real. Well, almost.

"Once we got down to the end, they called us in groups of four and we had to pretend as if we were playing the game and we stood there and bent over as if we were spinning the wheel and we did look rather ridiculous. Yes," said Young.

But you do what it takes to get what you want, and they definitely want to be contestants.

Even though they have another round of auditions, they already see themselves on show, and they've even thought of what prizes they are ready to win.

"Yes. Yes. What would you like? Cash. Money," said Young and Pegues.

The ladies say a majority of the finalists are from South Mississippi, so of course good luck to all of them.

The taping of three week's worth of shows will be August 26-28 at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.