Community Theater Celebrate 60 Seasons Of Curtain Calls

In the entertainment biz there's a saying, the "The show must go on."

And for 60 straight seasons that's exactly what's happened at the Gulfport Little Theater.

Board members credit their long run to mostly to community support.

Right now the Gulfport Little theater is in the middle of its summer fundraiser with a production of "The Ratcatcher's Daughter."

Doug Lemere hopes those who come to see "The Ratcatcher's Daughter" will arrive hungry.

He's in charge of concessions.

"We want them to be able to have some popcorn and some drinks," said Lemere. "Certainly the money that we make as profit is good for all."

Before the folks at the Gulfport Little Theater can sell popcorn and drinks, they have to get people inside the doors.

That means offering productions that will bring in high ticket sales and lots of revenue.

"People who like live theater are a precious group to us and the other theaters are courting the same people," said board treasurer Dennis Dauphin. "It's nice to be able to sell memberships not only to our theater but to all theaters to support community theatre across the coast."

Since 1945, Gulfport Little Theater has provided opportunities for everyday people to transform themselves into heroes, and villains. Right now, a push is underway to get the community behind them.

"The summer fundraiser is a chance to encourage your existing members to renew which is an important base of people who already know what you're doing," said Dauphin. "They're established friends of the theater sort of speak. It's also a chance for those who haven't had a chance to visit or see live theater."

Board members and talented actors aren't all that keep the stage lights going. Donations, sponsorships, and raffles also play big roles.

Board chairperson Cindy Gibson said "Little theater is fun to do but you have to have a dedication and really enjoy what you're doing. There's long, long hours."

The Gulfport Little Theater's summer fundraiser continues next week. The lighthearted comedy.. "The Ratcatcher's Daughter" will run August 12th and 13th, with a Sunday matinee on the 14th.