Lazy Magnolia's 'daddy daycare' provides alternative to Black Friday shopping

Lazy Magnolia's 'daddy daycare' provides alternative to Black Friday shopping

KILN, MS (WLOX) - For those trying to avoid the shopping madness, there was an alternative. Lazy Magnolia Brewery in the Kiln opened up their taps for a relaxing time away from Black Friday.

It's called Daddy/Husband daycare, but there were plenty of moms and wives participating as well. It's more of an anti-shopping day. Anything to get away from those horrible lines at the big box stores.

"It's a beautiful day," said patron Joel Henry. "But, yeah, we definitely wanted to avoid the crowds today."

And the new taproom at Lazy Magnolia in the Kiln is about as far away from the madness as you can get.

Daddy Day Care took place in Lazy Magnolia Brewery's new taproom, which opened in July. And was the kickoff to the brewery's holiday schedule.

For Jacob Lindsey, it was a good time to read his book and down some brews.

"I worked retail for too many years and I try to avoid it when I can," he said. "And this is a really good opportunity for me to do something that's not shopping."

Joel and Dana Henry challenged the event's concept that suggests women leave their husbands in the care of a local brewery while they shop. Both decided to stay.

"I brought mine with me," Joel said. "It's more fun that way."

Dana added, "It is not worth it to me. I do not fight crowds at all. ... I'd rather be having fun with my husband than fighting crowds."

It was the same for Chris Wilson, who brought his father and mother for some family time.

"Don't like crowds that much," said Jack. "We were hoping it wouldn't be that busy today so we'd be able to be away from all that."

Like father, like son.

"I tend to either wait for the crowd to disburse and then go find the leftovers. Or I get out there really early and spend the rest of the day not being in the crowds," Chris said.

The brewery plans to have several holiday events through the first of the year and will bring back Daddy Day Care next year.

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