Residents Celebrate 100th Birthday For The City Of Long Beach

They raised a new city flag, lowered a new city time capsule, and unveiled a new historical marker.

All to mark the centinnial celebration for the city formerly known as Bear Point, The Chimneys, Rosilie, and finally Long Beach.

"It's been a joy this year to work with people and be a part of it," says Long Beach Mayor Billie Skelly. "And to be mayor at this time is a special time."

But no matter what you call it, Bear Point the Chimneys or Rosilie, Long Beach will for ever be a place that residents both past and present call home. The reason is simple.

"We have great families and family commitments to one another, which goes over into the school system and makes it stronger," says Skellie.

Families and History are two subjects Claire Morrison knows all to well, as the self ascribed oldest citizen and as a direct descendant of some of the city's famous founders.

"I've been through 3 hurricanes," says Morrison. "And I remember as a child we had shell road our front and also pine trees growing down to the waters edge."

Long Beach History is also a favorite subject of another city celebrity.

"I got a lot of my comedy growing up here," says comedian T. Bubba. "About Reddishes and how the city started. You know it's really great to be from a city that's known for radishes. That's big time there boy."

But big time has never been this little towns style.

They still prefer the simple things with staying power, like Beauty Queens, Marching Bands and Boy scouts, and Bubba's.