Catering companies ramp up business for Thanksgiving

Catering companies ramp up business for Thanksgiving

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Many people across the coast are either preparing to cook a Thanksgiving meal or to simply eat one. Those looking for a hot plate with little prep time don't have to look very far thanks to catering companies that do the hard work themselves.

Companies like By the Slice in Gulfport are already cranking out the orders.

"We do many many pies. We do pans of dressing, of course. We have a really good sweet potato casserole. All the things that are yummy for the Thanksgiving time," said Deborah Southers.

It's a steady flow of business for Southers as she and her employees try to keep up with the demand and keep up the consistency.

"Our customers come back for our products because they're always just the way they remember them," she said.

Catering is hard work, especially around holidays like Thanksgiving. The folks at Ms. Audrey's Southern Kitchen and Catering put a lot of time into the meals they prepare.

"All hands on deck. Four o'clock in the morning. We're ready," said Jacqueline Ware while working the food line, "We're getting ready to plates with dressing, turkey, greens, cabbage, and Thanksgiving dinner."

Decades of experience are going into these plates, and this year a new element has been added. The food delivery service Waitr has selected Ms. Audrey's to provide families in need with a hot meal.

"We've been accepting donations of anywhere from two to ten dollars from our current consumers," said Pamela Necaise with Waitr.

According to Necaise, the community responded in a big way. "We've been able to deliver about 200 meals," said Necaise.

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