Harrison County Considers Turning Down The Volume

It's been talked about for years but now a county supervisor says its time for Harrison County to turn down the volume.

Monday's board of supervisors meeting will begin with a public forum about noise coming from a racetrack on Menge Avenue.

Supervisor Marlin Ladner says he's received so many complaints that he's decided to ask the board to finally put the county's first ever noise ordinance to a vote.

From her bedroom windows, Linda Coleman can see the lights from the nearby racetrack. However, it's what she hears that keeps her up some nights.

"It's hard for me to get to sleep and then two o'clock in the morning I'm awake because I'm hearing vrmmmm,. vrrmmm," said Coleman.

Crews at South Mississippi Speedway spent Saturday afternoon getting the track ready for the night races A proposed noise ordinance would limit the loudness and duration of those races.

Co-owner Lyndon Rushing said "We try as hard as we can to get out of here as early as possible but sometimes accidents postpone the scheduled completion and we run late. If this was such a problem why haven't I ever gotten a call from Marlin Ladner."

Rushing said he was upset that no one had notified him about the public forum.

We talked to several families in this neighborhood who gave a wide variety of opinions about the Speedway.

Some of them said the noise level gets so bad here that often their children can't sleep at night and they can't hear their television sets, while others say it's really not that bad and cannot be heard above the air conditioners.

Coleman thinks she knows why some of her neighbors sleep better than others.

"I guess maybe they've just gotten used to it and you can't hear it after awhile. That may happen to me after too, I hope it does."

The Harrison County supervisors will meet Monday in Biloxi at 9:30 a.m.

One of the owners of South Mississippi Speedway say the racetrack has been operating since 1992 and he believes most of complaints come from people who have since moved into the area.