Moss Point Residents Complain About Heavy Chlorine In City Water

The water coming out of the faucet at this beauty shop on Carroll Street is the cleanest residents have seen and smelled in more than a week.

"It's like Clorox. That's what it smelled like to me, like someone just went there and put Clorox in the water," Frances Richardson says.

Shelly Bowers says the smell has lingered for quite some time.

"The chlorine or bleach smell started about a month ago," Bowers says.

And it's causing problems with all the ladies here.

"I run the water in the commode and it turns it yellow," Bearlie Maecostict says.

"It stinks so bad, it makes you sick to your stomach," Bower says.

"If you flush your commode, the Clorox is so strong that you can't stand it, it burns your eyes," Richardson says.

"You can buy water to drink and cook with, but sometimes you can wash your clothes and you can still have stains on your clothes after buying all of this expensive washing powder and stain remover and stuff. It's ridiculous," Bowers says.

"They need to fix it, something needs to be done about it," Maecostict says.

Moss Point leaders are listening.

"It's called a chlorine block. The chlorine will pile up in one spot. You flush the fire hydrant and get it moving," Public Works Director Robert Armstrong says.

Armstrong says they've already done that, but unfortunately the problem's likely to return.

"Mostly on your deadend streets you'll get a chlorine block every once and a while because the water's not moving," Armstrong adds. ]

If the chlorine smell comes back, Armstong says residents should just call the city.