Biloxi child gun safety class hopes to educate and save lives

Biloxi child gun safety class hopes to educate and save lives

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - More and more deadly mass shootings are happening across the country.

That's why the owners of Focused Fire Training company in Biloxi realize how important it is to teach children about gun safety.

"In today's society, in our day and age, there are guns everywhere. We want to make sure that if those kids do run across a gun like that, what they know to do, what they're supposed to do - get an adult, that kind of thing," said Jacob Davis, the owner of FTF. "Basically make them safer for everyone else around them,"

In the two hour class, the kids learned about the history of guns, how they work, and how to spot a real gun from fake one. They also learned the proper way to handle a gun, and what to do if one of their friends gets hold of a gun.

With all of the public shooting and gun-involved crimes happening, Danielle Braun says she can feel better knowing that her children can make responsible decisions when it comes to guns.

"I just want my children to be familiar with them, and know there's a right and wrong time when to use them, know how to use them if they need to, know the safety, know that it's not right to take it to school, know that it's not a toy," she said. "It's really dangerous, it can take your life. You can be here today and gone tomorrow."

According to data from the American Academy of Pediatrics, gun-related deaths are the third leading cause of death overall among American children ages 1 to 17.

By showing kids how to be safe around guns, parents and teachers hope statistic can change.

It was the second child-gun safety class the company held, and owners say they plan on having more intensive courses in upcoming months.

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