Shoppers slam grocery stores to gather Thanksgiving feast

Shoppers slam grocery stores to gather Thanksgiving feast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Crowds, waiting until the last weekend before Thanksgiving, slammed the grocery stores to load up on traditional entrees and sides.

An added bonus: the average cost for the feast is the lowest it's been in four years. Gayle Bollinger of Biloxi is picky about her turkey and the price she pays.

"I usually wait until the weekend before," she said. "The prices go down by then, so, it's a better time financially to buy things."

In fact, 2017 is a good year to buy. The American Farm Bureau Federation says the average cost of this year's feast for 10 is about 75 cents less from last year.

A 16-pound turkey came in at about 2 cents less per pound compared to 2016. The cost is the lowest since 2013 and the second lowest since 2011.

This year, Angel Cheeley is responsible for the ham and yams.

"Everybody, well most everybody, makes all their stuff from scratch," she said. "You know, not everybody can cook."

Jean McKenna has a long list.

"So, I got turkey, celery, turnip, LeSueur peas, croutons," she said.

And, it's just the beginning of a long process.

"Now I will be shopping for something every day until Thanksgiving," McKenna added. "There's always something you forget. I like to shop in increments, not all at one time."

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