Hancock Co. Investigator: Duo preyed on people with vulnerabilities

Hancock Co. Investigator: Duo preyed on people with vulnerabilities

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Authorities found and arrested the second suspect accused of stealing thousands from an elderly man in Diamondhead.

Lynda Wolfe of Saucier was arrested in Harrison County Thursday around 8 p.m. Shara Leon of Saucier was arrested Wednesday.

Investigator A.J. Gambino and William Reed with the Hancock County Sheriff's Office says a financial paper trail shows the more than $27,000 Shara Leon and Lynda Wolfe allegedly bamboozled from an elderly man in Diamondhead.

"The victim's child reported the fraudulent activity and it was reported to the bank. From there, the bank conducted a fraud investigation...[and] once the fraud investigation was complete, we subpoenaed records from that investigation," said Gambino.

Gambino says the crime started in May of 2016. As the months went on, the women pulled larger amounts of money more frequently from the victim's account.

"They gradually tested the waters and it seems like the expenditures or payments to all these bills they had got larger and larger," said Gambino.

According to bank records, the duo paid debts with the victim's money - including mortgages, credit card bills and phone bills.

"They did get greedy. Cause it wasn't just, 'Hey I need to eat.' It was 'Let's pay our health insurance. Let's pay our home finance,'" said Gambino.

Though Leon allegedly paid her husband's bills with the victim's money, Gambino says her husband had no knowledge of what investigators say his wife did.

Since the report about Leon and Wolfe, another reported victim of the two has come forward with the same allegations. Authorities are hoping more people come forward if they feel they've been victimized by the duo.

Leon was a sitter for the second victim, and Wolfe worked in the assisted living industry. It is not known what their relationship was to the initial victim.

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