Stone County hears request to remove state flag

Stone County hears request to remove state flag

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The debate continues about whether or not our state's flag should fly over government buildings. This time, the issue was brought to the attention of leaders in Stone County.

President of the area's chapter of the NAACP the Rev. Robert James approached the county's board of supervisors and the Wiggins Board of Aldermen with a request to take down the state flag.

"We need to have a flag that represents the entire community. Not be divided," said James.

Those who support his request said there are solutions to the issue. Zilphia Crockrum believes that maybe it's time we don't have a state flag at all.

"I don't see the need for a state flag when we have the United States flag. That represents all of us, everybody in the United States," said Crockrum.

According to Crockrum, the current flag, which includes a Confederate battle emblem, should be seen as a reminder of defeat.

"The Confederates lost, so why would you want the world to know that you're a loser? Are we always going to be losers," Crockrum said.

But, there are those who would fight to keep the flag flying. They say those who don't like the flag can just leave.

"If you don't like it here, go somewhere else. No one's forcing you to stay here. That flag represents everybody's history. Not one color. It's everybody's history," said state flag supporter Renee McCardle.

While James agrees that it does represent history, he believes it's not something the state should be proud of.

"I presented it to the board as that anybody can Google and understand that the rebel flag is only a part of our history," said James.

He's hoping Stone County and the City of Wiggins will consider his argument and take actions to remove what he calls an offensive symbol.

"Anything's possible," said James.

The Stone County Board of Supervisors and the Wiggins Board of Aldermen took the issue under advisement. No action was taken by either entity.

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