Lawmakers Continue Questioning Over DHS Firings

Seven of the fired employees were subpoenaed and testified Wednesday before a joint legislative committee that's looking into the firings. The testimonies from the fired Department of Human Services employees lasted for more than two hours.

Lawmakers said they wanted to hear from the men and women who weren't able to speak at last week's hearing with Department Director Janice Broome Brooks.

Committee chairman Sen. Robert Huggins said, "Those people who last week wanted to testify we're bringing them in and some of them it's necessary to subpoena, we think they have some information that we can use."

Michael Raff worked at the department for 14 months as Director of Economic Assistance. He predicts a gloomy future for the department.

"I feel that MDHS is the Titanic going toward the iceberg," Raff said.

Many of the former employees testified that morale at Human Services is low and were critical of how the department is run.

"Chain of command would help the department," former employee James Dixon said.

But the men and women also said they knew their jobs were time limited, and they even signed letters recognizing that.

The hearings continue Thursday.