New website sets out to stimulate Gautier economy

New website sets out to stimulate Gautier economy
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GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Local leaders in Gautier are backing a new website geared toward getting people to put their dollars into the city's economy.

The site is an online magazine that highlights businesses within Gautier's city limits. It is a new resource that leaders are hoping will promote economic development in Gautier.

"This is just one of the first steps that we're taking in order to revitalize the retail business of Gautier," said Mayor Phil Torjusen.

"Most people would rather be online then in line and gives them that avenue," said Jason Pilger, senior sales consultant Samuel Morgan.

The website is Katy Waugh's brain child.

"We used to be thriving, we used to be a really wonderful place to visit and we still are, but people have forgotten that," Waugh said.

She began to scope out businesses throughout the community. Soon, she developed a platform to show residents they don't have to leave the city limits for a quality shopping experience.

From restaurants to boutiques and more, many business owners are on board and excited to see the results.

"I know there are businesses in town that are new and people aren't aware of them," said New York Pizza owner Zach Lebhart.

Businesses like Ego, a formal wear store on Gautier Vancleave Road, will be in the magazine's next edition.

"We thought it would be something interesting to do and bring more business to the store," said Bonita Odom, Ego's assistant manager.

Even the Hyundai dealer in Gautier decided to test drive the idea.

"We want to encourage the residents of Gautier to invest where you lay your head, invest in your community," Rodney Wilson.

The goal is for the new website to do just that.

To have your business featured, there is a $40 fee, and the website is free to the public.

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