Hancock Tourism Bureau Uses New Video To Draw Visitors

The new promotional video gives tourists an enticing look at local attractions, historical sites and culture found in Hancock County.

"The video is very high energy," tourism bureau Director Beth Carriere said. "It demonstrates bicycling, kayaking, golfing, dinning, a lot of dining, because we're very famous for it. We have wonderful restaurants."

The video is currently playing at the Hancock County I-10 welcome center. It's designed to get the attention of folks traveling through the county.

"The mission of the whole video is to peak enough interest for the visitor that's viewing it briefly to ask more questions to maybe spend more time here than they had planned to or actually spend the night here," Carriere said.

Most of all, tourism leaders are hoping the video gets visitors to spend money in Hancock county. In the video, a representative from the tourism bureau greets visitors, answers questions and shows them the way.

"It's probably the best bang for our bucks. A talking brochure actually gets more information in people's minds than we could possibly put in a brochure," Carriere said.

Initial reaction to the new video has been positive. It was compelling enough to capture the attention of some tourists from Tennessee.

"I didn't know Hancock County had all those things to do," Tennessee resident Charles Conley said.

His wife Doris also learned a little from the video. "It showed you things you could do that would be very interesting a fun time to come and have a vacation," Doris Conley said.

That's exactly what tourism leaders want to hear.

In addition to being shown at the I-10 welcome center, the video will be used at trade shows and to drum up convention business.