Waveland police asking residents to report door-to-door sales attempts

Waveland police asking residents to report door-to-door sales attempts

(WLOX) - Are sales people knocking on your door peddling products?

Well, that's illegal in some places.

That's why Waveland police are cracking down on solicitors, hoping to prevent other crimes.

Waveland Police Chief David Allen says there have recently been reports of people trying to sell magazines door-to-door on Waveland Ave. and in the Idlewood subdivision, despite it being against the law.

"We've had it all over the city. I know there's also been complaints in the city of Bay St. Louis, of door-to-door salesmen," Allen says. "Over the years, we've had people selling meat, magazine subscriptions, about anything you can imagine."

Allen says criminals commonly use this tactic to see if people are at home before finding a way to break into residences.

"We've had numerous burglaries where the criminal will knock on the door first to see if anyone's home, and if someone answers the door, they say 'Hey, I'm looking for so-and-so,' it gives them an excuse if someone's there," Allen noted.

Now, Allen wants to encourage more citizens to be aware and speak up should they see people knocking on doors with items to sell.

"We decided to go ahead and put it out through social media. Luckily everybody picked it up, people shared it and it got the word out," Allen said.

He also says criminals in his city are taking advantage of people who are trusting enough to leave their homes without locking all doors and windows.

Allen says, "We're constantly trying to get the public to take a little more responsibility. It's not uncommon that we have cars that drive through neighborhoods, maybe casing out the area, especially during the daytime."

Chief Allen urges Waveland residents to call police at 228-255-9191 if they see anyone attempting to sell things door-to-door.

Also note: the chief says even charitable solicitations door-to-door are against the law in Waveland.

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