Harrison Co. supervisors terminate lease with skate park tenant

Harrison Co. supervisors terminate lease with skate park tenant

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County just hit the brakes on the new development going into to the Debuys Rd. skate park. Supervisors sent a lease termination letter to Coast Athletic Club and its owner, Kevin Mattina one week ago.

Supervisors say Mattina lost his lease for multiple reasons. The termination letter says Coast Athletic Club didn't pay its rent, it didn't pay the electric bill at the skate park complex, and supervisors claim county property inside the skate park disappeared. All, the termination letter said, were violations of the lease Coast Athletic Club had with Harrison County and the Biloxi School District.

The missing property was the series of bleachers inside the skate park arena. Supervisors found out the tenant sold those bleachers, valued at over $80,000, without permission for just more than $5,200. "You had no right to remove County property," the termination letter says, "and particularly no right to sell County property without its permission."

The board is asking the Harrison County Sheriff's Department to investigate the matter.

We're told two supervisors visited the skate park last Monday to see why the power bill for that facility was so high. They reportedly noticed issued with county property.  So, they contacted Harrison County's board attorney for advice, and had the skate park's locks changed. Ultimately, the county attorney and the county administrator drew up the termination letter.

At the moment, supervisors are back to square one with the skate park property. They don’t have a tenant. They do have other bids submitted in the spring from groups interested in developing the Debuys Rd. property. 

Supervisors asked the county attorney to review those bids and see if they can ink a new deal with one of those enterprises.

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