Sheriff: Some Operation Crackdown suspects turn themselves in

Sheriff: Some Operation Crackdown suspects turn themselves in
Fred Johnson of Harrison County was charged after being involved in a fatal accident on Interstate 10 in Diamondhead. (Photo source: File)

GEORGE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - More drug suspects are now behind bars in George County. Sheriff Keith Havard said four people turned themselves in Monday morning. That brings the total to 25 now arrested as a result of last week's drug roundup, dubbed Operation Crackdown.

The sheriff's office posted to Facebook on Monday morning, saying, "Several more of our friends that we missed in the roundup Thursday have stopped by to see us and catch a ride to the regional," referring to the county's jail.

Rude awakening for suspected George County drug dealers

Multiple agencies swept up alleged street-level drug dealers in George and Greene counties last week, with 18 or 19 actually taken into custody the morning of the bust.

Investigators say cocaine, meth, and opioids are some of the illegal narcotics purchased from these suspects.

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