Kilts were all the rage at the Celtic Festival

Kilts were all the rage at the Celtic Festival

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Everywhere you looked you saw kilts, kilts, and more kilts. Men came from high and low to sport theirs at the 2017 Celtic Festival.

Richard McConnell, a festival goer from New Orleans, takes pride in his traditional kilt.

"It's no shame in being a Scotsman wearing a kilt, they're the greatest warriors in the last 500 years, culturally, across the world have been the Scottish highlanders," McConnell.

Kilts are the traditional Scottish dress for men and boys. Certain kilts were used to identify families or where you came from. in Scotland. John Morman, a festival vendor from Scotland, is an expert on kilts.

"You won't find a great many Scots, depending on where you are in'll see more in some places, almost none in many places because for all of its attributes it's not the most practical thing to wear for everyday work," said Morman.

You may not find very many people strutting off kilts in the highlands, but the pleated, plaid skirt-style garment has become a real fashion statement in the United States.

"Most American colleges have tartans, every American state has a tartan, every branch of the military service has a tartan. But they began as an everyday dress in Scotland," added Morman.

You can even wear a kilt if you're feeling fancy.

"The most common place you're going to see a kilt is at weddings, you can wear them as an alternative to tuxedos for example," replied Morman.

Actual Scotsmen like Moran, take pride in seeing his culture being celebrated.

"I think it's wonderful. I think there's nothing so pure as your heritage, and I think to see people embracing their heritage regardless of what that might be is a wonderful thing," said Morman.

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