Page 13: Keeping time in Bay St. Louis

Page 13: Keeping time in Bay St. Louis

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - If your vintage clock stops ticking or chiming, you'll need a master clockmaker to get it up and running. There are only a handful of craftsmen qualified to do it these days.

Terry Downs tinkers with time inside her shop, Full Moon Clockworks in Bay St. Louis. Downs is a master clockmaker. She repairs and restores an array of antique clocks. Working on these intricate time pieces requires a masterful touch.

"This is not just mechanical work. There is a fine art to clock making. It's done a certain way, not just haphazardly. There are tried and true ways to fix clocks," Downs said.

Vintage clocks are, in many cases, family heirlooms. People cherish a clock that has been passed down through generations. Some collect classic pieces, and Terry loves taking a clock where time stands still and bringing it back to life.

"I enjoy seeing it do what it did originally and know that it's going to live. I want them to tic and toc and strike and gong," said Downs.

Downs has been doing this work for 30 years. She learned as an apprentice with a master clockmaker. She says the profession is literally dying out, with most of the technicians either retiring or passing away.

Younger generations don't appear to be interested in this work. Terry enjoys the meticulous craft and solitude in the shop. She also makes house calls, traveling to people's homes to repair large grandfather clocks.

Full Moon Clock is located on Railroad St. in old town Bay St. Louis. If you need a clock fixed, Terry Downs will always have time for you

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