Residents frustrated over out of service kiosk

Residents frustrated over out of service kiosk

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Many who frequent the Harrison County Courthouse have wondered why the Mississippi Highway Patrol kiosk is out of order consistently.

Chase Elkins with the Mississippi Highway Patrol says his department has notified the company who owns the kiosk, which can perform some DMV functions, in hopes that it will be repaired.

Gulfport resident Daniel Brewer says he's often frustrated when trying to skip the DMV wait at the Courthouse.

"I'm in and out of the courthouse paying tags and everyone is smacking the machine, wandering around asking why it's not fixed," Brewer says. "It's ridiculous that this thing has been broken forever, I don't remember the last time it's been fixed."

He says he and others have repeatedly asked for help in getting it fixed by dialing the number near the machine to ask for assistance.

According to the state, the kiosks are located at several locations  and are meant to make driver's license renewal and replacement more efficient.

Although the MHP emblem is shown on the kiosk, that department says they don't deal with machine repairs.

The kiosks come from a company called Safran MorphoTrust, according to the state.

Elkins says the machine is owned and fixed by an outside company, with MHP's programs being used within the kiosk.

Meanwhile, residents say they just want to see a repair.

Brewer says, "Driving down here, and driving back in traffic is probably an hour and half out of your time, at least.  If not calling the Hattiesburg office, and trying to get answers from them, or calling the Jackson office and trying to get answers from them, it's like pulling teeth."

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