'Beach Bites' filming showcases coast eats

'Beach Bites' filming showcases coast eats

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Katie Lee coast tour continues. The host of the Cooking Channel's popular show "Beach Bites" has been visiting and sampling coast cuisine for a few days now.

Pop Brothers wanted to set the stage right. Anything for "Beach Bites" and the publicity a national network show can bring.

"Any publicity is good publicity for us, but I feel that every time Pop Brothers is on the news or Food Network or any kind of shows, we really represent our community," said Octavio Anzola, owner of Pop Brothers. "I'm very proud of representing my community, and I'm even more proud that the community is behind us."

Lee is leaving a lasting impression and bringing attention to culture through cuisine.

The production crew has been up and down the coast to visit several restaurants. French Kiss Pastries in Ocean Springs was on the list.

"We ended up getting her a maple pecan roll, which looks like this, and she tried a little bit of it at the register and out the door she went," said owner Jacqueline Ladnier.

Ladnier said it took only 30 minutes to shoot, a short investment with long-term benefits.

"I'm hoping that it brings tourists not only to my shop, but also to the City of Ocean Springs," Ladnier said.

The production focused on new establishments and old. The reputation of Mary Mahoney's Old French House clearly was an attraction, as well as the gumbo.

"They just asked what are my popular dishes were and things that would be interesting to shoot so, we went from scratch to coming out the kettle with the gumbo," said owner Bobby Mahoney.

The Blind Tiger treated Lee to a fishing trip and a savory taste of the results. That treat and much more may have left an equally important impression.

"I think they were pleasantly surprised when they came down here. First of all, how easy it was to get to the region, but not only that, but of all the great things we have to do," said Scott Sutherland, director of operations for The Blind Tiger. "We were out riding around. The dolphins are coming next to the boat. They were amazed at how close we are to everything here on the Gulf Coast."

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