Humane Society staff trained in socializing dogs

Humane Society staff trained in socializing dogs

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A traveling non-profit came to South Mississippi this week in an effort to de-stress our furry friends.

Pups can stress out, especially if they're cooped up in an animal shelter all day. That is why the Humane Society of South Mississippi gave more than a dozen adorable adoptable canines some play time outside of their kennels.

It's something the shelter wishes could happen more often, which was the motive behind inviting Dogs Playing for Life, a non-profit that promotes healthy social lives for animals in shelters.

"We feel like getting them out here, playing with the other dogs is just so much more mentally enriching and physically enriching. Getting all of the energy out, meeting new dogs, working through social situations," said Tucker Eurman, a respresenative with the nonprofit.

According to Eurman, the group travels around the continent training shelter staff members in properly handling dogs in a group setting.

Heather Greer at the Humane Society applied for the grant that made the visit possible. She's looking forward to bringing the dogs out more often.

"We have learned how to, when dogs are working something out, to leave them alone, unless it starts to escalate, and then you get in between without injury to staff or the dogs," said Greer.

Eurman said social problems may not be as bad at HSSM. He believes the shelter has a unique advantage over many others when it comes to space for the animals to run.

"They don't typically have yards this immaculate. This is beautiful. What we've seen is we've had up to 30 dogs playing at one time in here and they don't feel cramped," said Eurman.

Of course, it will become less and less cramped as these pups are adopted out. The shelter actually has a special discounted adoption fee of $20 for all animals right now.

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