2 Pascagoula homes stand out each Halloween

2 Pascagoula homes stand out each Halloween
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PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Halloween in Pascagoula has a little bit of everything from playful, to spooky, to downright scary. But, there are two homes that cater to just about everyone and draw hundreds of trick or treaters each year.

The first stop - The Witch's Lear on Pascagoula Street.

"I started doing it even before our son was born - and that was '89," said Barbie Harkey, better known as The Witch. "Every year it keeps getting better and better."

"I just like all the happiness of her doing it," said William Harkey, The Witch's son.

For the community, it's a tradition carried throughout generations.

"We came here as children and we loved to see Mrs. Barbie dress up as the infamous witch," said Carrie Gautier. "Here recently, since I've had little ones, we've made it tradition to come every year."

Across town on Heidenheim Drive, the Roberson's do a theme every year. This year it was Star Wars.

"It started in Moss Point with my grandfather making the yard stuff," said Kelly Roberson. "Then three years ago we started doing this different characters, different movies and it's grown like this."

Both hot spots are rooted in tradition and carried out by families who love bringing to life the spirit of Halloween. While Mrs. Harkey says she plans to be the witch again next year, the Roberson's say this may be their last themed year.

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