Cyclist injured in hit-and-run, frustrated by police response

Cyclist injured in hit-and-run, frustrated by police response
(Photo Source: WLOX News)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that left a cyclist injured.

"You can still see the paint from the car here because it was a black car. They pushed this little part in," said Mariah Broach.

Broach says the marks on her bike are the result of her being hit by a car Tuesday night while riding home from work.

"A black car just side swiped me, and I flipped off my bike and landed in the turning lane by Dedeaux Road, about 50-feet from the light," Broach said.

With her bike damaged and her body bruised, the driver of the vehicle nowhere to be found.

"He just kept going, Turned on Dedeaux and he was gone," she said.

Broach's biggest complaint isn't about the driver, but rather the officers who responded to the call.

"They came and said the way the bike looked, it looked like I hit the curb and I tried to blame it on a hit and run," said Broach. "They also said I should have lights on my bike then I wouldn't have gotten hit."

The 25 year old - who police say didn't file a formal complaint - says the response made her feel like police were blaming her, instead of treating her like a victim.

"Maybe it was just in my head, but that's just what i felt like," Broach said.

Gulfport police say that's not the case. They are conducting an investigation into the incident, but haven't gotten any leads.

"I just want them to do better on how they respond to calls," Broach said.

There are currently no bike lanes on that section of Highway 49.

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