Coast Camps Keep Kids Busy This Summer

If you are having trouble keeping your children occupied during summer vacation, you may want to consider sending them to camp. Several camps along the coast offer children a mixture of fun and educational activities. This isn't Rebekah Fowler's first time at art camp but she says it's like a new experience every year.

"This year probably what's different is we get to do a lot more things with our hands and its just real fun," said Fowler.

Ken Alexander said "I'm learning how to use our hands more and how to be creative."

At the Mud Daubers Summer Camp creativity is required. Campers enjoy activities like painting, pottery and making mosaics. They also learn about famous artists and architects. Although the camp is only a week long, instructors say they want children to develop an appreciation for art that will last a lifetime.

Camp Coordinator Lee Renninger said " We also want kids who are true art kids who love art and like to make it to make it to have this first chance to explore the arts and to continue along that line as they grow older."

The hundreds of children enrolled in Biloxi's summer camp are exercising their minds and their bodies. This camp keeps children physically active with activities like swimming, baseball, and basketball. They kids say the camp keeps them on their toes.

Brandin Brosh said "We go to the park well we're here today. We go to Flint Creek. We go swimming and a lot of other places."

Without camps children say they would probably spend their summer vacation on the couch watching television.

"They'd probably be doing something not as active. Staying home playing video games in front of the t.v. all day. That's not good for you. You're a healthy kid you should be outside," said Jason Zapata, camp counselor.

It's too late to enroll into the Biloxi Camp but other camps are going on around the coast at places like Stennis and the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.

by Danielle Thomas