Reaction mixed after teacher heard cursing at student

Reaction mixed after teacher heard cursing at student

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A video of substitute teacher cursing and yelling at a student at Biloxi High School has created a social media storm with a lot of opinions.

Most schools in South Mississippi use a temporary service to provide substitute teachers. However, it does raise questions about quality and control.

In the video, it appears the teacher accused the student of cheating. After addressing the issue, it then escalated.

"When you were in my class last year, you had all that time to be studying, and you weren't. But I'm the b****  because you weren't doing...what you were supposed to be doing. Don't call me a b**** and think I'm not going to call you one back," said the teacher.

After the exchange, the student can be heard saying, "I don't give a f***..."

Paul Tisdale was superintendent of Biloxi Schools for seven years. In that time, he's seen plenty. In the case of the now-viral video, he sees a lot wrong.

"Of all the individuals in the classroom, that adult is the professional in the room," he said. "You don't always engage students necessarily, and you never lose your temper."

The social media reaction is big and mixed. While some blame the teacher for losing her cool, many say they understand why she had a moment of distress.

While officials - who were not available to comment - call the behavior unprofessional, Tisdale says it's an old practice for students to test substitutes.

"Having been a teenager myself so many, many years ago, if you have a substitute teacher and you may want to tweak them a little and they respond, it's well, for the next 15 minutes, we might be able to have a show."

Kelly Services issued a statement on Friday, but would not comment on her employment status.

"We're always concerned when we see reports of inappropriate behavior. But out of respect for the parties involved, we cannot release any specific details. We are aware of the video."

WLOX News Now reached out to the substitute seen in the video for a comment but was not able to reach her.

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