Law enforcement targets breast cancer

Law enforcement targets breast cancer

WOOLMARKET, MS (WLOX) - It's pretty easy to shoot well if you can picture targets as cancer cells.

"Everybody has someone that has been affected by breast cancer," said John Carter, a member of the group Real Men Wear Pink. "For us to have the ability to go out and raise money to fight cancer – it's an honor to be able to do such a thing."

Thursday's Range Day was a fund-raising event by the group, which partnered with Columbia, Miss.-based gun manufacturer Helanbak. Participants were able to test out some new equipment and have a little friendly competition.

It was organized by Chief Keith Davis with the Department of Marine Resources and Real Men Wear Pink member.

"When I was chosen again this year for Real Men Wear Pink, I brought it to my team and I give all the credit for today's effort to my team. Those guys gave me the ideas and it birthed what we see today," Davis.

Carter is one of the more prolific fundraisers of the 20-member group.

"We all come together, we have a nice little competition going, but it's a friendly competition," Carter said. "It's more about the final product of being able to write that humongous check to the American Cancer Society to do such great work."

This is a good fund-raising event for Harrison County Prosecutor Herman Cox. He likes to shoot, and he's tough on all things bad, including breast cancer.

"My wife is a survivor of breast cancer, so it means a lot to raise money for that cause and so many other victims of breast cancer, and so this is a worthwhile event," said Cox.

Also part of the event was a raffle to give away a Helenbak 300 Black Out rifle. Organizers say the financial goal for Real Men Wear Pink for 2017 is $50,000.

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