Gulfport students learn important lessons on finance

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - About 50 elementary school students at Orange Grove elementary in Gulfport learned all about the world of finance on Thursday.

Hancock/Whitney Bank and Everfi teamed up to put on a "Financial Cents" program for the kids. Through an interactive game of jeopardy, the students learned about the difference between wages and salaries, stocks and mutual funds, and the differences between credit cards and debit cards.

For student Madison Clay, knowledge is power.

"How to finance your money in different ways to save it or spend it."

The right answers earned a prize of candy. More importantly, though, the children learned about the value of hard work and the importance of wise spending.

"Teaching kids financial education at the elementary level is really important. Because that's when we develop habits and so by introducing these concepts early we build lifelong good habits," Marks explained.

"It gives the students an interactive and engaging way to use technology and use the computer to teach those concepts that might have been seen as dry or boring back in the day," said Maegan Greenberg with Everfi.

It is the fourth year that Hancock-Whitney bank and Everfi have teamed up to present the Financial Cents program in Coast schools.

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