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Former Sheriff Talks About His New Job As Mayor

As Gautier's new Mayor Pete Pope visits fellow police officers, he reminisces about his days on the force

"Law enforcement was just a good past experienced that I had," Mayor Pete Pope.

So good he was elected three times as Jackson County Sheriff.

"Kids that went to school with me in grammar school will tell you that was it my desire to be sheriff of my county, and I fulfilled it."

Now, Pope has found new fulfillment Mayor of Gautier.

"I just felt that I left the Sheriff's Department in better shape than I found it and I think I can do the same thing in the Mayor's office," Pope said.

With over 12 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, Pope says there is nothing he cannot manage.

"After you serve in the Sheriff's Office 12 years in this county, there very few things that you won't have a feeling on how to handle,"Pope said.

"I am going to continue to be a leader I am going to continue to be a stabilizing factor in our council and work with these people as a team and do what is best for the citizens of our city."

And striving for the best, he says, will turn Gautier into a number one destination.

"We want to bring a lot of good things in to Gautier and stimulate our economy and we are going to try to do this in the next four years."

Before becoming Sheriff, Pope was a Highway Patrol officer. He has also served as chairman of the State Parole Board.

By Patrice Clark

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