McDaniel's General Merchandise burglary caught on tape

McDaniel's General Merchandise burglary caught on tape

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A family business that's been open in Stone County since 1937 was burglarized early Wednesday morning by a lone suspect.

Patti McDaniel Saia said McDaniel's General Merchandise has been in her family for three generations. She says the burglar who hit her business on Hwy. 49 was caught in the act on cameras inside and outside the store.

Saia said she believes the suspect first pulled up to her store just after midnight to scope out the scene and didn't stay long.

According to Saia, the suspect returned about an hour later and parked at a mini storage facility nearby. The suspect reportedly walked through the woods to get to McDaniel's General Merchandise.

According to surveillance video from inside the unoccupied store, the suspect threw a concrete block through the glass front door and walked in at 1:23 a.m.

The burglary was over in just a matter of minutes, and Saia said the only thing stolen was six or seven cartons of cigarettes and about $30 in change from the cash register. Saia said investigators with the Stone County Sheriff's Department even found a trail of coins leading back to the storage units where the suspect had parked.

"I'm glad nobody got hurt," said Saia.

Saia said while the monetary impact to her business wasn't much, she still wants this burglar brought to justice.

"On one hand, I'd like to say you have no idea the trouble you caused. That's coming from a reasonable thought process," said Saia. "People that choose to behave this way are not reasonable."

Saia hopes anyone who recognizes the suspect or knows anything about the crime will contact the Stone County Sheriff's Department.

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