Domino's Player of the Week: Biloxi quarterback Brodie King

Domino's Player of the Week: Biloxi quarterback Brodie King

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi head coach Bobby Hall offered a fitting summary of his team's experience playing much of the season without starting quarterback Brodie King.

"Vince Lombardi said in the late 50's that the only thing he didn't like about football was the quarterback was too important to the success of a team," Hall said. "I think we've lived that."

It's the last way any senior would want their season to start.

"It was tough not being out there," King said. "watching everyone else practice and just kind of sit on the sidelines, it was definitely tough."

Just a few plays into the season-opening Shrimp Bowl contest against St. Stanislaus, King took a hard hit on a quarterback scramble, breaking his fibula.

"It was hard," King said. "I had to go five or six days a week to rehab, hour or so every morning, it was tough."

Many thought that would be King's final appearance in an Indians uniform. But then, with three games left in the regular season, Hall got the call.

"(King) went and got his checkup from the doctor that day," Hall explained. "His dad was with me, he made a phone call, said (the doctor) released him and we were just like... Wow man, it's Christmas. We did not expect to get him back."

After missing nearly eight full games, King finally returned Friday against Pascagoula, throwing for 217 yards and two touchdowns in the Indians' 52-28 win, earning him our latest Domino's Player of the Week honors.

"It was very rewarding. These guys have been working hard this whole time. Kam did a really good job while he was playing," King said of backup quarterback Kamron Suddeth, who threw for 1,063 yards and seven touchdowns in King's absence. "Everybody just kept playing. When I came back, I just fit right in with everybody else."

"Kam came in and did a miraculous job for us, and we're certainly proud of him and what he did," Hall said. "But man, Brodie's a different deal, now. He's our Aaron Rodgers. That's what he is to us."

With King back in the fold, and Biloxi (3-6, 3-2) still very much in the district championship hunt, they're hopeful for a strong finish in these last two weeks of the season.

"We're a talented team, it just hasn't shown throughout the year," King said. "But I think we'll get some success."

"We just feel like when Brodie is playing quarterback, man, we got a chance," Hall said.

King and the Indians visit Hancock this Friday in a Region 4-6A showdown.

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