Not a cape, but a wave makes a super hero

Not a cape, but a wave makes a super hero

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - You just don't know what a wave and a smile means to a young child. On Tuesday, one Pre-K4 student at Hope Academy in Gulfport said he does. When asked by his teacher to choose a super hero and dress as them, 5-year-old Jude chose the gardener who waves at him everyday.

Jude's grandmother, Mary Jo Fairley, wrote to WLOX saying everyday Jude looks for Mr. Stacy to wave at him while he is working. Fairley said Mr. Stacy was so honored that Jude chose him. She wrote Mr. Stacy said, "You made my day."

Jude's mom, Rebeca Fairley, said Mr. Stacy is always so kind to the children, explaining what he is doing each time they see him working. She said Jude is fascinated with the hard work Mr. Stacy does.

This is the second time Jude has named Mr. Stacy as a role model. Jude's mom said when he was asked by his teacher earlier in the year to draw a picture showing who he likes who helps him at school, little Jude drew Mr. Stacy and told his teacher that's because he likes Mr. Stacy and how he is so nice to him when he sees him and explains what he's working on at the time.

By the way, Mr. Stacy's official title is Florence Gardens Grounds Supervisor, but to young Jude, Mr. Stacy is his everyday hero.

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