Tofurky responds to MS labeling mix-up

Tofurky responds to MS labeling mix-up
(Photo Source: Facebook)

MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Torfurky missed the mark by posting a United States map on Facebook that mislabeled Mississippi as Alabama.

The map was part of a promotion with Walmart to showcase the states where consumers could find Tofurky's hickory smoked deli slices.

On the map, there is a blank space where Alabama is located, and Mississippi is highlighted purple with the abbreviation "AL" in the center.

The blunder confused several people, as shown by the comments on the post.

One woman wrote, "MS is labeled as AL; AL is not highlighted. Which state has them?"

Tofurky addressed the mix-up Wednesday in the comments section of the post:

Dear Alabama and Mississippi,

You might have noticed we bungled your locations on our map. (Bangs head on desk.) Group hug? 

A second chance would mean self-imposed geography lessons and a study of your state's most curious quirks. (AL, you built the first rocket that put humans on the moon? MS, you gave us the creator of the Muppets? RAD.) 

To answer your questions above: AL, Walmart is carrying deli slices in your state. MS, we're hoping you're on the short list for the future.

This is not first time that Mississippi has been publicly misrepresented.

Many Mississippians were upset after Hurricane Katrina, when national coverage of the state's destruction was often overshadowed by the flooding in New Orleans. In August 2012 during coverage of Hurricane Isaac, a media outlet famously referred to Mississippi as "The land mass between New Orleans and Mobile."

Soon, an independent Facebook page, called The Land Mass Between NOLA and Mobile, was created as a space for Mississippi residents to deal with the constant frustration of being overlooked. The phrase quickly became a meme and a part of the local dialect.

While Mississippians can joke about their "Land Mass" status, they're also not afraid to call out those who dare to ignore the Magnolia State.

As a trademark of Turtle Island Foods, Tofurky is a brand of vegan meat substitutes made from organic tofu and wheat protein.

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