A trio of St. Patrick students earn perfect ACT scores

A trio of St. Patrick students earn perfect ACT scores

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A trio of students at St. Patrick High School are celebrating perfection after scoring a perfect score on the ACT.

Max Grill, Stephen Azar and Matthew Bisner each scored a 36, the highest score on the ACT college readiness assessment.

Scoring a 36 is an accomplishment that less than 1% of students who take the test can claim.

Grill, Azar and Bisner were together on Friday when they received the scores from the test they had recently taken.

"I think we all just fist bumped, it was just like a bro moment," Bisner said.

Success on the ACT was nothing new for the three students. They had each previously scored 35's, but perfection still came as a surprise.

Azar said "I was kind of in shock."

"Initially I was stunned, I couldn't say a thing," Bisner said.

Grill described his reaction as "In disbelief."

Nationally the average ACT score is 21, in Mississippi it's 18. Before now, no student from St. Patrick had ever scored a 36. St. Patrick principal Matt Buckley believes three perfect scores coming in at the same time is a credit to the school's commitment to preparing students for college.

"We've brought in ACT style questions within our regular curriculum," Buckley said. "So within their English, math and science classes the teachers are providing instruction for ACT prep as well as integrating ACT style questions on their regular unit tests. It's something the students are used to seeing day in and day out."

The preparation has paid off for Azar, Bisner and Grill who are now on the fast track to accomplishing their lofty goals.

"I would like to major in biology and follow a medical track," Grill said.

"My ultimate goal is to work with either the UN or State Department," Bisner said.

"I love the brain, it's very fascinating to me, so I would like to go into Neurology," Azar said.

In addition to the three perfect scores, five other students at St. Patrick scored 35 on the ACT.

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