City of Long Beach looking for a solution to flooding issues

City of Long Beach looking for a solution to flooding issues

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Long Beach was one of the hardest hit areas as floods appeared all across South Mississippi last  the weekend.

City officials say engineers are working diligently to find a way to alleviate the city's flooding issues.

As public works crews clear debris from drains, Long Beach resident Carolyn Scarborough says she and her neighbors are relieved to see the water subside.

Scarborough says, "The flooding problem we have, with two days of rain, we flood. It's been like this for years, we bought the house in '85, and they can't do nothing with the drainage, they can't do nothing with the flooding we get two days rain, that's it."

She says Sunday's rainfall caused two to three feet of water to creep up from the street near her home, and her neighbor's home took on water.

"Everyone, I think, has complained at one time or another, and, like I said, we're still here and we're still flooding," said Scarborough.

Jenny Levens, a City of Long Beach employee, says her team is surveying the drainage systems from all angles: even by air.

Levens says, "This morning, first thing, we had the city engineer come in, and we had the public works engineer, fire chief, police chief, the mayor and myself, all meet and we've been meeting all morning...going over canal one, canal two, and canal three. They'll ride the canals in the helicopter, get video footage, see if beaver dams that have been blocking things, and talk to the people who control canals one, two and three to see what to do, expanding, widening it, to keep the drainage going."

She says the city received ten inches of rain in a short amount of time, which caused the widespread flooding.

Meanwhile residents say they're looking forward to some relief.

Levens says if your home flooded this weekend, you can call the Long Beach Central Fire station and let them know at 228-863-7292.

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